If you’re an architect or designer, the Sydney Estimating Group team can help you with all your cost plans for projects before you complete working drawings and go to tender.

Not only does our cost estimation service provide the opportunity for architects and designers to optimise building and design features to ensure maximum bang for their client’s buck, it also makes sure that the project is within the client’s set budget.

How many projects are never built because they are outside the client’s budget?

What our cost estimation service does is provide peace-of-mind to your clients, saves them time and money, and lets them know if their intended build is within their pre-set budget.

We help architects and designers by helping their clients, including:

  • Cost estimations provided at the sketch / schematic drawings stage that inform clients as to whether the build is within their budget and whether they have the funds to carry out the project. It lets clients know before they get too far down the track whether the project is within their target budget.
  • Our cost estimation service will also help with your client’s peace of mind at the complete drawing / working drawing stage by enabling a review of the costings to ensure the building is still within budget.

Our Preliminary Budget service option is specifically targeted to clients who require a quick building budget without the need for a complete take off. The project is still broken up into trades and provides a sensible insight into the costs of the project – quickly and with minimal expenditure!

To discuss your estimating needs, please contact our friendly team at the Sydney Estimating Group.

If you require a quote and an estimated time of project delivery, just email your drawing and project scope to estimating@sydneyestimatinggroup.com.au and we will get back to you within 24 hours.